Whether you're ready to rent, have a question or you would like to discuss long term rental discounts please contact us. We are ready to answer whatever questions you may have.


Fill an application out today, you can submit it online in just a few minutes or you can print it out and fax it in.


We service all our machines at 500 Hours, and because we are a full service company we don't just change the oil and filters, but we manage each piece of equipment with as much attention as possible. We cover every service that needs to be done. We believe that keeping our machines running properly is the only way to keep them working efficiently. We want you to be able to get your projects done without breakdowns, down days or any mechanical issues.

But should a machine have any issues or breaks down we will send our mechanics to take care of the problem and get the equipment back in working order so you can return to your projects as soon as possible.

Our machines have all been equipped with GPS communications system which enables us to respond to alerts and get the machines serviced and taken care of before they hit the scheduled mark. We service machines on our own time and will not interfere with your work day.

Transportation Announcement

Trinity Equipment Rentals has taken delivery of a "Brand New" 2014 Heavy Haul Cat Truck.  Let us help you with your transport needs. With this new CARB compliant rig we can move your equipment safely and efficiently, while doing our part to keep the air clean. Give us a call for a quote on your next move.